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API Based Integration Solutions

When you need to work with a closed third party system, many in-house developments and open systems can benefit from an API solution.

Typically industry specialist systems that tend to be small to medium sized do not have an intrinsic interface to work with.

An abstracted layer or well standardised service may be the appropriate solution for your requirements.

Typically SOCOSO will develop an API suitable for your predicted future requirements such as XML based communications, batched processing or high platform independance.

Web Service Example
Some infrastructure systems use SOAP as a technique for communicating. The obvious examples are systems that work with SOAP based networking protocols such as SMTP. A helpdesk system that integrates several network devices using a SOAP interface can cut out several steps than the older techniques such as SNMP monitoring. As helpdesk ticketing is strongly tied to message management this is a good leverage of existing tools. A scholastic SOAP based API allows other applications to utilise the core integration components such as:

. The generation of school ID card, which needs to obtain the student information from Active Directory, a scholastic management system and a photograph from a different third party system. It is also capable of registering the new card with the print management service.

. Annual student data updates such as changing Active Directory groups.

. Adding new students which involves updating several disparate systems and even licensing Office 365.

OData Example
Third party data analysis software can talk directly to an OData service. This makes an ASP .Net OData service an appropriate solution for providing database access online. Rather than just running the Visual Studio wizard to generate the service, it can be handcrafted to allow for dynamic database table alteration and more sophisticated data computation. A point of sale service that allows for dynamic monitoring of shop taking is a good solution for busy franchise type stores.