System Design

. Tiogra is an MMO style persistent world.
. It is more a sim world than an RPG game.
. Tiogra is designed to support large terrains, limited only by ability to produce content.
. The island on this site is a 16km x 16km grid.
. A 64km x 64km terrain would take about 1TB of HD and take maybe a week to generate.
. It uses modern rendering techniques such as deferred shader scene assembly and tessellation.
. It supports multiple VR solutions and user inputs.
. A range of resizable texture mapping systems are used to give a highly adjustable graphics quality.
. Newer Windows 10 devices only will be supported (DX11.2 1GB GPU and better).
. Tiogra is moderately threaded (more than traditional games without being highly parallel).
. Currently PhysX is being used client side, which will be replaced.

The game is designed to be played using VR systems such as this home-made hoverboard

3rd Person Kinect And Hoverboard