Hoverboard With Kinect


The hoverboard is just a joystick on a gimble platform. The game hinges on the snowboard type physics and it needs to be comfortable to control the board. It's actually quite fiddly to position the switching so that you don't have a twitchy control. Like a bike with not enough rake, too many micro corrections make the play unfun. I just use a wheelbarrow tyre and a home-made gimbal for the actual hardware.

Tyre, gimbal and switches

The joystick controller is just a mail order Chinese joystick assembly for $10. Ideally I'd have solenoid haptics that force slope but I don't have the free time to develop that.

Switch detector

The switch system used needs to be robust and handle a wide range of movement. I just use a foam block to absorb extra lean.

Switch layout

The board needs a range of positions where you dont initiate turning and it needs to ease into turning.

Detecting the hoverboard

The color frame is sampled every 10 seconds or so to update the hoverboard position. Obviously it shouldn't change, but might be moved or whatever. A light is used to help identify the board origin.

Green LED's identify the board position

If it finds a board present, the board is used as the reference origin and the player is relative to its position. Without a board, animations are used instead of gestures. Since the board is just a joystick, that can be used instead.